Comedians in Cars at a Crossroads: What Netflix deal could mean for series’ future

Last month, in a surprise announcement, it was reported that Netflix had acquired the rights to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee as part of a content deal with Jerry Seinfeld. The digital video series previously made its home at Crackle, which already didn’t have much original content beyond Seinfeld’s series. With this news breaking during the middle […]

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Recap: Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Pancakes

Christoph Waltz got his first taste of IHOP on this week’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Regardless of his opinion on the pancakes, could the actor be a funny enough “comedian” to make this episode worth watching? With his “Viennese sensibility,” Waltz dressed like he was ready for most of the events of the episode. But […]

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee recap: Lewis Black in a black Cadillac

Put Lewis Black in a black Cadillac and he’s bound to scream at other drivers. There was plenty of that — and more — in this week’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Black even goes as far as describing his act as “mildly psychotic.” At least he’s self-aware, because Black definitely lived up to that self-diagnosis […]

Comedians in Cars season 8 episode rankings: All hail Lorne Michaels, right?

For a show with only a few changing variables, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee continues to stay fresh with a different guest each week. Give Jerry Seinfeld credit, his hosting style enables comedians to be themselves, with varying personalities and opinions. This leads to episodes that focus on completely different topics but still maintain a high […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: John Oliver almost made it without a Trump joke

Season eight of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee comes to a close this week. While John Oliver made Donald Drumpf again, he could not follow up the wondrous Lorne Michaels. That’s not to say Oliver was bad. There were some funny moments worth rewatching. I’m just not sure anyone could truly outdo the immortal Lorne. WARNING – […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: Lorne Michaels might be Jerry’s father

Hard to believe season eight of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is almost over. Last week saw a very upbeat comedian, J.B. Smoove, tone it down with Jerry. This week saw a much more subdued personality — Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels — on the show. And while he was by no means energetic, Michaels […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: J.B. Smoove goes on simmer for Jerry

After last week’s disappointment with Judd Apatow, J.B. Smoove was tasked with righting the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee ship. He wasn’t too energetic for the slow-paced show and made some great jokes. Team that with a solid car and Smoove’s amazing wardrobe, and Comedians in Cars is back on track! WARNING – Full Spoilers Below… Watch the Episode First! […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: A Garry Shandling eulogy with Judd Apatow

After last week’s very good but only slightly funny episode with Margaret Cho, Jerry Seinfeld might have opted for a punchline-heavy guest as a follow-up. Instead, Judd Apatow gave us a sadder episode that focused heavily on the late Garry Shandling. While Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee might not be the perfect medium for a eulogy, it […]

ABC’s Match Game revival keeps spirit of the original

Along with Celebrity Family Feud and The $100,000 Pyramid, ABC’s new “Sunday Fun & Games” block brought back Match Game. Since the final Gene Rayburn-hosted version went off the air over 30 years ago, it has been the victim of subpar revivals. Is Alec Baldwin fit to hold Rayburn’s microphone or does Match Game flounder like its […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: The emerging power of Margaret Cho

After last week’s strong season premiere with Jim Gaffigan, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee had pretty big shoes to fill. In this case, make those pink boots, as Margaret Cho stole the show. She was unafraid to talk about rape, masculinity, sexuality and plenty of other risqué topics, showing a side of her that was both candid and […]

Comedians in Cars Recap: It’s Jim Gaffigan… right?

What would happen if Jerry Seinfeld grew up in the Midwest, was Catholic and had red hair? That is a question I pondered while watching the season 8 premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The answer to that riddle is this week’s guest, Jim Gaffigan. The Indiana-born Catholic comedian from New York had a similar […]