Gift Ideas for International Men’s Day

Today, November 19th, we celebrate the day of masculinity. The concept of International Men’s Day started in the 90s and since then we have been celebrating it everywhere. Surprisingly, men across the world are excited for this day and we can’t blame them. Deep down, we all know that men hardly get any recognition round the year since all the special occasions are about women – Women’s Day, Mother’s Day. However, the fact of the matter is that not many people are aware of the concept of International Men’s Day. To others who know, the idea of celebrating men seems a little odd to them. But we think otherwise! In our view, men too deserve a special day of their own. So, let us all give the men in our lives a little break and treat them with some special food or gifts. Be it your husband, dad, brother or friend, they all secretly need it and would love it.

So, today on International Men’s Day, it is time we celebrate the men in our lives. Do ensure that you take every little effort to make them feel special. Whether he is your friend, husband, brother or father, let them know you love them by sending some good wishes and a present. But what should you gift them? We understand your dilemma, so we have curated for you some of the best ideas for the men in your life. Your choices could be diverse and range from stationary to accessories and gadgets. Fret not, and read ahead to see if you can find something for them.

Basics First – The Love Notes

Now, before we get to the ideas, first ask yourself these two questions. These questions will help you make better decisions when it comes to gifting.

  1. How much do you know each other?
  2. Have you ever expressed your love for them in the form of love notes?

Now, if you have expressed your love to them via love notes, great! But if not, today is the day! You don’t have to express your love verbally rather you’ll use the power of a love note for this. Now, what exactly is a love note? In this, all you have to do is bunch up a few notes that will summarise your feelings for your partner. It is best for people who usually don’t express their love or even if they do, it isn’t done verbally. Sarah who offers online assignment help Australia says that for her the idea of love note is to remind her man how much she loves and adores him.

The best thing about love notes is that they never go out of trend and are the best way to make your partner feel special. Whenever a guy reads a love note, he gets a special feeling and it assures him that your love for him will stay forever and ever.

Index Cards

Another thing that can be a perfect gift for him is the index cards. Index cards are believed to be the most romantic expression of love. You can make index cards of 50 reasons why you love him or 100 reasons why he is the best. Aisha who offers statistics homework help online says that no gift is ordinary. While gifting, the only thing that matters is a pure heart and clean intention. With index cards, you can tell him the qualities that you cherish about him. Be so expressive that he wishes to keep your card safe for a lifetime.

His Her Mugs

Of course, the His-Her Mugs are the most cliché gifting idea for men but it is still very much in fashion. Imagine the two of you relishing your morning cup of coffee together in your respective his and her mugs. Romantic, isn’t it? You can of course add your touch of creativity to it by adding the most special picture of the two of you together on the mug. Mahira who works with a platform that lets you buy college essays online says that the best thing about these mugs is that they are useful and you and your partner will see it every day. For him, it will be a perennial reminder of your love.

A creative album of pictures

A photo album is a picture book of memories. So, when you give a photo album as a gift to your man do ensure that you include the pictures that will take him down the memory lane. These pictures have to be about the best memories he has had so far. It could be with you, his friends or his parents. You can also include pictures from his childhood. Brad who provides research paper writing service says that the thing about photo albums is that it has the power to help us relive our most precious moments over and over again. So, a creative album of pictures is a perfect choice of gift for him. You can never go wrong with it.

Customized Wheel of Good Fortune

Wheel of Good Fortune is a wheel which will have all the best memories in the form of a picture. Now, you can add an element of surprise to this by including in it something about the future. It could be something that he loves or something that the two of you have been planning together.  Amaira who offers cdr writing services  says that this personalized wheel of good fortune is sure going to make him fall for you all over again. Don’t forget to wear a creative hat, when you design this wheel.

Anaida who did an excellent ProWritingAid review online for a portal says that she and her partner never fail to surprise each other with small, yet thoughtful gifts. She believes that surprise is the perfect ingredient for a happy relationship. Mind you guys, this rule applies to all relationships. So, go ahead pick any of the above ideas and surprise the men in your life.

Author Bio:
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