Top 5 Female Characters in Marvel Universe

Everyone around is talking about supervillains and superheroes. But what about the beautiful part of the Marvel Universe? After all, it consists of a huge number of girls who impress with their charm, charisma, and superpower. Here’s our personal top-5 of female characters in Marvel Universe.

Black Widow

The professional killer, red beauty, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the charm of the Avengers – Natasha is truly the central figure of Marvel films. She is irreplaceable when it comes to sabotaging or interrogation; she is quick and deadly. Her role is firmly occupied by Scarlett Johansson, the idol of millions of fans. Thanks to the actress, everyone now knows Black Widow. There are rumors on the Internet that, in a couple of years she’ll get her own film. Naturally, the main role will be played by Scarlett Johansson. Well, we hope that these rumors will be confirmed – Black Widow is one of the most interesting female characters in the Marvel Universe. And for those who are not familiar with her biography, we recommend correcting this unfortunate omission immediately.


According to the comic book version, she’s the best killer in the universe; according to the film version, she’s a great fighter who alone can cope with a couple of prisoners and one drunken Raccoon. She was educated and trained by Thanos. She was a deadly weapon in his hands, until she got off the hook, contacting a group of losers called The Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora was convincingly played by Zoe Saldana. A fatal girl Gamora enjoys special respect from fans, as she has no superpowers. All that she can do is the result of hard training and talent.

Margaret “Peggy” Carter

The character of the Marvel film universe, Agent Carter appeared in films and TV shows as a supporting hero, but this did not prevent her from having outstanding achievements. She fought against Hydra, developed a serum for super-soldiers, was, though not for long, the girl of Captain America, and was one of the founders of SHIELD. In addition, soon, she will have her own series, which will show all the merits of Peggy. The role of agent Carter superbly performed by Haley Atwell. The great Stan Lee came up with this character. The debut of a charismatic and charming agent, who said a weighty word in the Marvel Universe, took place back in 1966.

Daisy Johnson

Brian Michael Bendis and Gabriel Del Otto are the authors of this bright but not very famous character from the Marvel Universe. Her debut took place in 2004, as part of a comic series Secret War. Daisy was one of Nick Fury’s secret warriors. Daisy is one of the key characters in the series Agents of SHIELD where she is known as Sky.

Despite all the beauty and sexuality of the heroine, her innocence, she is a loyal agent of SHIELD, a super hacker, and to the heap of one of the Inhumans named Quake, possessing supernormal abilities.

Pepper Potts

Iron Man’s Girl who keeps him in check. Pepper is not a fighter and not an agent; she is just an ordinary girl who runs Stark’s company while he’s playing a hero. Without Potts, Tony might not have been in this world at all; he draws his inspiration from her. Stark’s behavior is directly dependent on Pepper, which is why she is a key character in the Marvel Universe.

If your girlfriend doesn’t like superheroes, just show her this list! I bet you’ll be sitting in front of a TV watching movies or series with these outstanding characters already this evening.