Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much if your Teenage Child is Vaping

Worried sick to find out about your teenage child’s vaping habits? There might not be any reasons to ground him as yet. Read this article to find out why.

Vapes and e-cigarettes are not a new phenomenon, but we have seen a skyrocketing of vaping trend only in recent years, especially among the people of the younger generations. Its popularity with the young is mainly owed to the stellar technological appeal of vaping devices and the unique savory vapor hits that they deliver.

Popular vaping devices are small and handy, available in diverse ergonomic shapes and structure, fun flavored e-juices that are delicious and get interesting to mix and cocktail with, and most significantly– vaping comes as a safer alternative to nicotine smoking in traditional cigarettes.

While it is only reasonable as a parent to be concerned about the risks of your teenager’s liking for vaping, here is why you needn’t go overboard:

Not All E-juices are Nicotine Infused

Before you decide to ground your teenager over his vaping habits, stop. Take a breath and consider this for a minute– not all vaping juices are infused with nicotine. You will find out how non-nicotine e-liquids are just as common as nicotine-infused liquids.

While it’s a known fact that e-juices contain lesser races of nicotine than tobacco cigarettes, not many people are aware of the zero-nicotine juices in the market. You can always try having a conversation with your child and persuade him to switch to a zero-nicotine alternative of the juice he likes to vape. It should be easier to switch and that way everybody wins!

Vaping is a Smarter Choice with Lesser Scope of Juvenile Misuse

Parents often worry about their wards draining their allowances in all the wrong things. Addiction to narcotics holds a great possibility of unchecked expenditure that might leave anyone high and dry.

However, with a number of cost-efficient options for small and simple vaping devices available in the market, your child can make smart and economic choices at every step without having to compromise what he likes.

Juvenile misuse is far lesser in case of vaping as it only gives a very mild kind of buzzing high. There’s no way one can get highly inebriated through vaping, regardless of what the e-juice contains. Rest assured, people usually remain alert and fully conscious even after extended hours of vaping. There are no chances of mishaps like drunk driving accidents when it comes to taking a few swigs of flavorsome vapor. It’s not the same thing though it is likely that you will be running into other parents who make this kind of false associations all the time, like– association between tobacco smoking and vaping, between effects of alcoholism and drugs with the effects of vaping.

There Are Many Benefits of Vaping for Mental Health

Teenage is a complicated period of change and maturation in one’s life which comes with a lot of stress. In addition to study pressures, there are anxieties related to body image and social acceptance to deal with in every teenager’s life. If you find your teenage child taking some time out to vape in this crucial juncture of life, identify it as stress diffusing measure.

In this light, you might just allow your child a few relaxing vaping sessions every once in a while!

It’s Easier to Give up Vaping than Quitting Smoking

Lastly, it’s a widely testified fact that people find it easier to give up vaping than quitting to smoke. Thanks to the low-nicotine levels and lower chances of addiction involved in vaping.