5 Places to Look for a Web Hosting Service Online

These days every business needs a web hosting service. This is because we are no longer in the ancient days when customers used to buy stuff from brick and mortar stores. People from all over the world are shopping virtually on the internet. And this is where web hosting services come in. Without being hosted, your business is as good as dead because your website will not be accessed by existing and potential customers. Hosting technologies have grown to a greater extent where Microsoft cloud virtual desktop from a desktop as a service provider are being used with high performance SSD for faster web hosting experience.

There are many web hosting service providers on the internet. However, majority of them don’t deliver what they promise. They are actually very annoying due to the fact that they never respond to your concerns on time plus they don’t allow you to shift your website. Some even have hidden charges. But there are also some web hosting providers like Apps4Rent who hardly have any hidden charges and provide top-notch services in complex tasks such as website migration and Office 365 data migration that too with 24*7 support. Below is a list of companies that provide reliable web hosting service online.

  1. SiteGround

SiteGround needs no introduction. It’s a hosting service that has already made a name for itself. You just need to have a look on MangoMatter and you will see it’s at the top of the review ranking. They actually charge a very low rate that’s calculated in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) considering that their servers are based in the UK. However, they are still able to guarantee fast performance regardless where your website is based because they have a global network of servers. The good thing about this service provider is that they offer a money back guarantee after the lapse of one month in case they don’t give the quality of service that they promise. This gives you peace of mind because you can always get your money and find another hosting service.

  1. GreenGeeks

Just like its name suggests, GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that adheres to environment friendly practices. The service provider has been around since 2008. They offer excellent services without charging a lot of money. When you partner with them, you are entitled to a free domain name and transfer. Their platform has a free website builder tool that lets you design your online store the way you want. Moreover, they give you unlimited storage space. Your website remains available throughout because they offer an uptime of 99 percent. And that’s not all. Their technical support team is always available 24/7. You can therefore be sure that they will resolve your problems right away.

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is your one stop shop for all your web hosting needs. Whether you want shared hosting, independent hosting or VPS hosting, they got your back. With A2, you get more for less. Despite charging a pocket friendly rate, they guarantee an unlimited storage and bandwidth. These provisions ensure that your website loads much faster and you are able to add plugins without any difficulty.

  1. TSOhost

If you are on a budget, TSOhost is your best bet. They offer top of the range hosting services at a considerable cost. They run a daily back up service and allow you to transfer your websites up to three times without asking for a dime. Besides that, they allow you to add more than 25 apps into your website at the click of a button. You don’t have to buy a domain name because they will give you one for absolutely free.

  1. WPengine

WPengine charges a premium rate for premium services. They are unique because they offer managed reliable managed word press hosting. They have various packages that are tailored to the needs of different customers. They actually offer the highest bandwidth and disk space. The good thing is that they allow you to put their services to the test for 2 months after which you can request for payback if you are not satisfied. There support staff can be reached via the phone 24/7.